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Top Hikes Near Lake Placid

There are so many hiking options when you visit the Adirondacks, it can be overwhelming choosing which one you want to explore during your visit! Some mountains will take a full day to get to the top and back down and some you can easily do in just a couple of hours, yet still give you amazing views and fun experience.

The largest mountain in the High Peaks, and the one that I think gives you the most incredible views and rewarding experience is Mount Marcy. This is a big hike and will take you the full day despite the trail itself not being technically challenging. There is a much shorter option for reaching the summit, however the last part of the hike is extremely challenging as you need to climb the steep rocky dome that covers the top of the mountain. The low vegetation on the summit yields some of the best views in the northeast!

If you are looking for a shorter or more family friendly climb, I highly recommend Mount Jo Loop Trail! Since there are two trails up to the summit you can descend the mountain in different way and keep the adventure going! Dogs are welcome to use this trail as well making a great place for people traveling with their families. Although it is a shorter hike being that it is only 1.3 miles to the summit, I would allow for time to enjoy the beautiful views at the top or a quick swim in Heart Lake at the base. Mt Jo has a rich history, very romantic yet sad at the same time.

If you are looking for something within walking distance of Placid Bay Hotel, look no further than Cobble Hill. This is a popular one for families or individuals looking for a quick hike that’s close by! This is a short hike and great for beginners, despite that it still offers some great views of the Village of Lake Placid and the surrounding High Peaks. This hike is located right on the shore of Mirror Lake and the trail head is a moderately short walk right from the hotel.

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