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Weekender is an Official Lodging Partner for the Lake Placid Film Festival

A Celebration of Film in the Heart of Adirondacks: The Placid Bay Hotel & The Town House Lodge Proudly Support the Lake Placid Film Festival The allure of Lake Placid is undeniable, from its tranquil landscapes to its rich history, it has always been a beacon of inspiration and creativity. But did you know that […]

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Top Hikes Near Lake Placid

There are so many hiking options when you visit the Adirondacks, it can be overwhelming choosing which one you want to explore during your visit! Some mountains will take a full day to get to the top and back down and some you can easily do in just a couple of hours, yet still give […]

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How The Hotel Industry Started in Lake Placid

Lake Placid has a very rich history from the first settler, Elijia Bennet in 1809 to how Lake Placid rose up during the Golden Age of hotels in the 1900’s. The Adirondack Park was officially formed in 1885. At the turn of the century conservation movements, started by Nelson Rockefeller, really increased interest in people exploring  the […]

A lake with trees and mountains in the background.

Adirondack Great Camps

In the late 19th century, a tradition began. A tradition that has left its mark all over the Adirondacks. Soon after the publication of William H. H. Murray’s “Adventure’s in the Wilderness”, the Adirondack region was put on the map. Wealthy and famous people from all over the world traveled to this region to spend […]

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